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•     To assess the regional, national and global impact of Bio-Energy policies on the industry, thereby creating a platform for formulating policies, fiscal and legal reforms for faster and effective growth of the Bio-Energy model
•     To advise the government in formulation of policies, regulatory framework, strategic programs and action plans for promoting Bio-Energy and constant support in implementing these policies and frameworks
•     To promote industry growth in the domain of Bio-Energy at national and global levels and thereby establish India as a Center of Expertise for Bio-Energy
•     To research, design and develop technology and finance mechanisms for Bio-Energy projects
•     To enter into technical and financial collaborations with Indian and International Renewable Energy Societies/Associations for joint projects in the field of Bio-Energy
•     To plan, formulate and develop concepts of scientific management for forest, government wastelands and other available land resources for Bio-Energy plantation
•     To study, research & analyze various aspects of cultivation, growing, harvesting, collection, transportation and storing various energy crops & spices with respect to their agronomy
•     To develop potential hubs for the future development of Bio-Energy market
•     To explore and promote new value chains in the Bio-Energy model through latest and upgraded technology to maximize energy crop yield for energy generation and optimally channelize manpower
•     To undertake and sponsor studies & research such as cost analysis, techno-feasibility and socio-economic conditions to assess the performance and impact of Bio-Energy model and related devices
•     To provide technical and other assistance for survey, case studies, in-house expertise and consultancy for formulation of programs, projects and technologies in the field of Bio-Energy
•     To explore and integrate global technologies, agronomy practices, processors, producers to study various organic wastes including farm residue, forest residue, marine residue and urban waste and encourage their better utilization
•     To become a global center of excellence by providing state-of-the-art technology for practical applications of Bio-Energy and encourage advanced research in the domain of Bio-Energy
•     To highlight the importance of Bio-Energy in academic education and vocational training and to draw up curriculum for schools, universities and for other educational institutions for intellectual development and opportunities in the field of Bio-Energy
•     To exchange ideas and information by organizing seminars, meetings, publications, electronics media, information centers, and non conventional platforms like street plays, road shows, etc., and thereby explore new opportunities for joint projects in the domain of Bio-Energy
•     To invite and initiate collation of white papers, funding opportunities, industry developments, technology/science, products, processes, patents, articles, news, hand books, economics on Bio-Energy and thereby develop a high quality interactive repository of information to the public to facilitate and encourage study and research, scientific and technical investigation to promote various forms of Bio-Energy resource
•     To bring awareness for implementation and execution of large scale projects in Renewable Energy more particularly in the Bio-Energy segment
•     To develop counseling centers for educating farmers in the field of farm productivity, land usage for encouraging Bio-Energy crop cultivation and create multiple utility avenues
•     To support development and implementation of certification standards and guidelines that ensure sustainability of Bio-Energy products, processes and technologies for the benefit of the world.
Bio - Energy Times is an attempt to capture and share ideas and efforts from across the globe in the domain of clean energy , with a specific emphasis on Bio Energy.

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