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Future of Bio-Energy
Many influential organizations foresee biomass playing a key role in a future, more sustainable, global energy supply matrix. Both developed or developing countries are actively encouraging the use of biomass for energy, and pushing forward the development of the necessary knowledge and technology for modern biomass energy systems. There is a growing consensus that renewable energy must progressively displace the use of fossil fuels, with fears of global climate change adding urgency to this need. Among the available types of renewable energy, biomass is unique in its ability to provide solid, liquid and gaseous fuels which can be stored and transported. The potential resource for Bio-Energy is large, especially in forest-rich nations, in richer countries where there is a surplus of available agricultural land and in many low latitude countries where high biomass yields are possible. Therefore we expect biomass to be an important fuel of the future demonstrating clear environmental and social benefits.
Bio - Energy Times is an attempt to capture and share ideas and efforts from across the globe in the domain of clean energy , with a specific emphasis on Bio Energy.

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