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Need for Bio-Energy
Fossil fuel combustion needs to be substantially reduced for three main reasons; energy security, human health and climate change mitigation. The finite nature of fossil fuel reserves and the political instability of many of the countries, which supply fossil fuels, have caused concern over future energy security and costs. The likely result of fossil fuel scarcity is that, as the cost of these commodities increases, they will only be affordable for large industrial processes and, therefore, cheaper renewable sources must be found for domestic purposes.
Combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases” into the atmosphere. These gases have been demonstrated to increase fluctuations in global temperature and are responsible for the accelerated global climate change we are currently experiencing.

Biomass recycles carbon from the air and spares the use of fossil fuels, reducing the need to pump additional fossil carbon from the ground into the atmosphere. Biomass comes from green plants, which actively absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into sugars, which are then stored in molecules like cellulose. Eventually this plant carbon is returned to the atmosphere by natural decay processes, including the breakdown of cellulose.

Biomass is an abundant and underutilized resource, which remains to be effectively used on a commercial and societal scale. Green plants produce an estimated 1 trillion metric tons of cellulose every year. Using even a fraction of this for Bio-Ethanol and Biogas could begin to reduce our yearly addition of more fossil carbon to the atmosphere, curbing global warming, and providing additional domestic energy supplies and jobs. Worldwide, the use of Bio-Energy could provide social and economic benefits to many countries and reduce their dependence on imported oil, while lowering their emissions of CO2 from fossil carbon.
Bio - Energy Times is an attempt to capture and share ideas and efforts from across the globe in the domain of clean energy , with a specific emphasis on Bio Energy.

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