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Bio-Energy is often referred to as alternative energy, green energy, renewable energy, renewable power sources, sustainable energy, etc.
Bio-Energy is renewable energy obtained from biological materials derived from biological sources. It is the energy derived from biomass, which is agri-residue such as baggase, prosopis, cotton stalk, elephant grass, coconut shell and forest organic residue such as wood, plants, etc. Bio-Energy can be used to generate electricity, produce heat, and also for the production of Bio-Fuels.

This widely available resource is receiving increased consideration as a renewable substitute for fossil fuels. If developed in sustainable manner and used efficiently, it can induce growth in developing countries, reduce oil demand, and address environmental problems. The potential benefits of Bio-Energy include: reduction of greenhouse gases, recuperation of soil productivity and degraded land, economic benefits from adding value to agricultural activities and improving access to and quality of energy services.

In 2005, India ranked 7th in the world in terms of energy demand; accounting for 3.4% of total energy consumed. As the country is on the fast track to growth, this demand is expected to grow exponentially.  India imports 70% of its requirement of oil and is constantly threatened by the increasing prices of crude oil, uncertainty and environmental hazards that are connected with the consumption of fossil fuels. On the other hand, it is a predominantly agrarian economy, with availability of large quantities of biomass, which can be productively harnessed for meeting its burgeoning energy needs, as well as address larger developmental issues such as income and employment generation, environment protection and wasteland/saline land development, and improved quality of life of rural communities.

BECI aims to anchor the initiative to develop and promote a sustainable Bio-Energy model in India.
Bio - Energy Times is an attempt to capture and share ideas and efforts from across the globe in the domain of clean energy , with a specific emphasis on Bio Energy.

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