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Benefits of Bio-Energy
As concerns grow over both climate change and the fast depleting reserves of fossil fuels, Bio-Energy has a prominent role to play in the provision of clean burning fuels. An added advantage of Bio-Energy is that it also encourages the planting of forests as carbon sinks.
Economic Benefits
  Cost competitive fuels- biomass offers a cost-effective alternative to burning fossil fuels for some users. For example - In saw milling, the users can burn the wood waste produced on site.
  Waste minimization- Using agri-waste, organic forest residue, etc., as fuel converts waste to a value proposition.
  Rural Development - Biomass is a local resource; it is produced, processed and consumed locally. It, therefore, emphasizes on the self sufficiency model and encourages sustainable development in the villages thereby generating more employment and income for the villagers and contributing to nation building.
  Energy storage – Unlike wind, wave and solar, biomass is a storable form of renewable energy. It is capable of being transported and utilized at any time.
Environmental Benefits
  Carbon neutral- As a renewable energy source that can be grown and used sustainably, burning biomass has zero net greenhouse effect as carbon dioxide given off during combustion is absorbed by the growth of the next crop of biomass.
  Renewable energy source – Unlike fossil fuels, biomass fuels are renewable and therefore contribute to a more sustainable, clean and green future for human beings.
  Across the globe, hundreds of millions of acres of once-productive agricultural land lie abandoned, according to a new report from researchers at Stanford University and the Carnegie Institution for Science. This land can be used to grow crops for conversion into BioEnergy; it could help ease the energy crunch without worsening the world food shortage or contributing to global warming.
Bio - Energy Times is an attempt to capture and share ideas and efforts from across the globe in the domain of clean energy , with a specific emphasis on Bio Energy.

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